Trying to Work with Go Daddy Web Hosting on Mac?

If you're a Mac user and you are looking for a web hosting provider, then you should try macminivault.
com, which is specialized in hosting Macs in data centers.

This company has two data centers in Milwaukee and Phoenix and hosts more than 1000 Macs (Mac Mini and Mac Pro) from 55 countries.
Customers with hosted Macs benefit from Web/Email Hosting, Jenkins/Xcode Continous Integration, Daylite/CRM Hosting, Xcode Development, Offsite Storage/File Server and Filemaker/Database Hosting.
The members of this team are specialized in Mac OS X, Linux, VMware, Windows, Cisco and VoIP, and the customer service has been praised by their customers.
The benefits of hosting with macminivault.
com are: 1 Gbps Ports standard; Native IPv6 Available; SOCII Audited (Phoenix); Free Hands on Support and they don't charge their customers for all kinds of services.
For those of you who don't know what are Macs mini used for, then you should know that you can use them as servers.
When loading ESXi on Mac Mini, you can run Linux, OS X or Windows Virtual Machines.
You can host Mac software - Daylite, Filemaker, Jenkins, Xcode etc.
A Mac Mini is very reliable, but you might backup your data using the Enterprise colocation plan.