Quality Service by Mopar Auto Parts Store

To experience a great quality service in anything and everything is what everyone wanted.
Will you pay for a service that does not satisfy you? Of course you would rather settle for a high quality service that as much as possible exceeds your expectations.
One great quality service that I had experienced is the service in Mopar auto parts, store.
I am not one of their regular customers actually since I just happen to see Mopar auto parts, store while I am on travel.
It so happens that I am also looking for an auto shop and store all in one that includes customization in their service.
Also, I am looking for different gear that I am to give to my beloved brother.
When I enter their store, their staff gave me a warm welcome.
Then a sales attendant approaches me and asks if there is anything that they can do.
I told them that I was looking for a great gift for my brother who loves cars.
The sales attendant named John showed me different gears that Mopar auto parts, store have.
Aside from affordable prices for their gears as well as apparels, their products were really eye catching and have high quality.
I decided to buy a Mopar sport mesh black cap and a men's Hemi polo shirt.
After paying my purchases, I asked John about the other services that Mopar auto parts, store offer.
Aside from the different automobile parts for different vehicles, they also do customize automobile just like what their customer wanted.
The most commonly car that they customize were Chrysler and Jeep.
They first get the details their clients wanted to do with their car then work it out for about a week or two depending on the design.
In addition to this, they guarantee that all the auto parts things that they will use in customization are absolutely original and very good.
I told them that I want my Chrysler to be customized and will show a reflection of me aside from the comfort that it can give.
I made a deal with John to be in charge to personalize my car.
I leave their store and return after two days with my Chrysler car.
John welcomes me and has personally assisted and manages my car.
I left it in Mopar auto parts, store for customization will took about a week to finish it.
After a week, I finally get my car and it is breath-taking when I saw it.
Mopar auto parts, store really did a great job! It is more than what I expected.
I thanked John for his hands on management with my car and later I didn't know that he is not a sales attendant but the owner of the store! Oh gosh!